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Decentralized Digital Asset Service Network

Simplified and secure participation in staking

N-hub Defi


Enjoy the efficient and secure

services offered by N-hub with

Web3 wallet and smart contract

NFT Staking

Both tokens and NFTs can be staked concurrently in return for various benefits

Multi-chain Staking

You can choose either ETH or other chains (upcoming) for your staked token

Staking Service


Provides secure staking services by operating networks and also smart contracts have been audited by CertiK (Upcoming)


You can stake your tokens at any time and unstake them at any time. Use the staking service freely.


You commit to staking your token for a certain period of time. Get higher rewards than Flexible.

APY & Reward

Provides the reasonable APY by staking the token on N-hub and Get rewards by participating in token staking.


1. What is N-hub?

We provide a simple and secure way for both DeFi beginners and cryptocurrency users to earn significant profits while holding tokens and NFTs.

While currently supporting ERC-20, we plan to expand to various networks in the future.

Starting with the NVIR token staking service, we will expand to offer more cryptocurrency and NFT staking services.

2. What is staking?

Staking is a service where users lock a certain amount of tokens and, after a specified staking period, receive their principal and agreed-upon interest. N-hub offers both Flexible and Locked staking methods.

3. What is Flexible staking?

Users can stake and unstake tokens and NFTs whenever they want.

4. What is Locked staking?

Users can stake tokens and NFTs for a specified period, earning higher rewards compared to Flexible staking.

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