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NvirWorld 2.0 and Future of Blockchain Gaming


NvirWorld was first launched in 2021 with a vision to become a user-centric decentralized ecosystem. Our initial focus was to create an ecosystem where users could enjoy a plethora of decentralized financial services and tools spanning across crypto trading, NFT trading and Web3 gaming.


Over the course of 2 years, our team has understood the ever-changing dynamics of the blockchain landscape to optimize our users’ needs through our competitive edge and strength. As we continue to increase production capacity in blockchain development, we are excited to share the transformation of NvirWorld.

So, How Is NvirWorld Transforming?

NvirWorld will be centered around our flagship product, NWS (Nvir Web3 Studio), a next generation Web3 game studio and marketplace that builds and distributes game titles ranging from hypercasual to AAA on web, desktop and mobile. Our mission for NWS is to be the gateway for non-crypto native users to partake in the Web3 movement via accessible and seamless gameplay experience that generates financial value.

Existing products such as “NvirMarket (NFT Marketplace)”, “N-hub (Staking protocol)”, and “NvirLand (Metaverse)”, will be unified around “NWS”, to form the NvirWorld ecosystem. In the near term, NvirWorld will strive to be a leading Web3 gaming studio and distribution platform to onboard more blockchain games. As the blockchain gaming industry matures, NWS will introduce a groundbreaking “LCNC (Low Code No Code)” development tool for nontechnicals

to monetize their imagination as a game developer regardless of background.

The experiences shared with users through various services until now will serve as a strong foundation for NvirWorld’s advancement, and the addition of new specialized team members and partners will provide the expertise and momentum for further growth. Stay excited! More details can be found in the NvirWorld platform roadmap.


1. NWS 1.0 (aka NWS Studio) - For All Gamers, Web3 Or Not

NWS Studio is a single unified gaming platform that provides gamers with comprehensive, accessible, and seamless gameplay experience that generates financial value by leveraging Web3 elements.

2. NWS 2.0 (aka NWS Dev Hub) - Built For Devs, By Devs

NWS Dev Hub is an end-to-end marketplace that empowers gaming developers or studios with a comprehensive suite of SDKs alongside automation and marketing tools.

3. NWS 3.0 (aka NWS Nerve Center) - One Console, Infinite Possibilities

NWS Nerve Center is a LCNC game building tool for non-technical developers and gaming

enthusiasts to curate and publish their imaginative storyline supplemented by in-built marketing

tools for potential monetization. More features to be shared after the launch of NWS 2.0.


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